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Caring for your Houston Breast Implants After Surgery

Taking care of your health is essential, especially after your Houston breast implants procedure. Your physician will typically provide you with a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts after your breast implant surgery. These guidelines can help to speed the healing process and to ensure the most beautiful results. Here are some general breast enhancement recovery guidelines that can help…

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Men and Breast Implants

Usually, when someone in Houston comes to us for breast implants, they are a woman.   However, getting breast implants isn’t just for women.  Believe it or not, there are men out there who have undergone breast augmentation surgery as well. Also, while you might think only men that want to be more like women go under the knife for…

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The Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Now, it’s true that most people in Houston are looking for breast implants when they want to change the size of their breasts.   This is Texas after all, where in general, the idea that bigger is better rules the day.   However, for some people, bigger isn’t always better, and in those cases, we recommend breast reduction surgery. While…

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