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Chemical Peels – Houston Skin Rejuvenation & Medical Spa Treatments

Are you less than content with your reflection in the mirror lately? A spa skin rejuvenation facial can provide you with a day of rest and relaxation as well as the kind of rejuvenating skin care that will leave your skin looking glowing and refreshed.

Chemical peels remove the outer dead or damaged skin cell layers so that your favorite skin care products can penetrate more deeply into your skin. After a peel procedure, you may notice reduced discoloration, fewer sun- or age spots, smaller pores, decreased fine lines, and a brighter overall complexion.

Medical facials include chemicals such as glycolic acid, alpha- or beta-hydroxy acid, lactic acid, or a blend of chemicals such as in a Jessner’s Peel. After superficial dead skin cells are exfoliated through a process similar to the more extensive medical dermabrasion procedures performed by Dr. Edward Piña, the chemical solution will be applied.

The results of your peel will become gradually more apparent over the next few weeks as your skin begins to shed the old cells. Spa facials may be repeated at regular intervals to maximize results and maintain your new clearer, brighter skin.

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