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Facial Implants  –  Look Younger – TX Cosmetic Surgery

Your face is composed of skin and underlying bones and soft tissue, and the proportions of these structures can create a balanced or unbalanced appearance. If you are unsatisfied with your overall look or want to look younger, cosmetic surgery may be able to help you feel more confident in your appearance through facial implants. Jaw, cheek, and chin implants can leave your face more contoured, proportionate, and well balanced.

Implants will not dramatically alter the way you look but rather enhance your own unique look by giving you more defined features with the attractive angles, sleek contours, fuller face, or visually appealing proportions you desire. Whether you are seeking a rounder or more angular face or simply desire to look more youthful, the balance and aesthetic appeal of implants may be able to give you more confidence in your facial appearance.

Cheekbones, jaws, and chins are all common areas for implants, but any area on the face may be able to benefit from the artistry of cosmetic surgery and provide you with a more balanced or enhanced appearance and increased structural symmetry.

To learn more about the various procedures Dr. Edward Piña performs at his Houston, Texas, office and discover whether or not you may be a candidate for facial surgery, contact us today to schedule your consultation.