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Breast Lift – Cosmetic Surgery – Houston Texas

Gravity, age, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and the loss of skin elasticity that often accompanies aging can all affect the shape of your breasts. A breast lift can provide remarkable uplift and a more youthful contour to those who are already satisfied with their breasts’ size and shape. Women who desire enhanced fullness or enlarged breasts may prefer a breast augmentation in conjunction with a lift-type cosmetic surgery procedure. The actual cosmetic surgery procedure to lift the breasts is called a mastopexy, and it can remove excess skin and lift breasts. Because excess skin is removed, some scarring is inevitable. Dr. Edward Piña is sensitive to your aesthetic concerns and uses techniques that can minimize scarring. A full lift may result in a small, lollipop-style scar, while a mini-lift may leave just a small scar around the areola area. SmartLipo laser treatment, which tightens skin, can be included for improved results. A lift may be appropriate for women who have low-hanging or drooping breasts or downward pointing nipples or for women who have lost volume in their breasts. Lift techniques are available to address each concern. To learn more about your options for more youthful, firmer breasts, contact Dr. Piña’s office in Houston, Texas, to schedule your consultation today.