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Tummy Tuck – Cosmetic Surgery

Tummy Tuck - Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. Edward PiñaWeight loss and pregnancy can both lead to loose skin and sagging stomach muscles. Aging, abdominal surgery, and heredity can, too. If you are unhappy with your profile and would like to return to a toned, taut tummy, Dr. Edward Piña may have a cosmetic surgery solution for you.

Abdominoplasty, more commonly called a tummy tuck, removes excess skin from the stomach area and tightens the abdominal muscles, which may be weakened due to pregnancy or age. The procedure results in a narrowing of the waistline and flattening of the entire stomach area, as well as a more contoured lower back, well-defined waistline, and smooth, tight stomach through body sculpting.

Dr. Piña often performs tummy tucks on an outpatient basis in our Texas surgical facility, which can allow you to recover more comfortably in your own home. An abdominoplasty can be performed along with a body lift or liposuction procedures, or it can be a part of a Mommy Makeover to help give you the look you desire.

If your weight is stable, you are a non-smoker, and you are healthy, you may be a candidate for abdominoplasty. Contact us today to learn more about your cosmetic surgery options or to schedule your consultation.