Look, it’s 2020, and we know cosmetic surgery has never really been only for women. Men want to look and feel great too! The latest statistics find that male cosmetic surgery procedures have been on the rise, with a 28% increase since 2000. In 2016, men had over 1 million surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures performed, accounting for over 9% of the total. Men continue to increase this number. Over the past year, they made up 8% of all cosmetic procedures. So, what exactly are they getting done? We’re taking a look at the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for men.


The first and most common surgery option for men is Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift). On either upper or lower eyelids, this can be done to remove sagging skin on the lids or under eye bags. A brow lift can also be done in combination with this procedure. The recovery time is quick — about a week — with results making eyes appear more youthful, and awake.


The second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure for men is liposuction. Typically done under anesthesia, this cosmetic surgery involves removing fat around the sides, belly and neck. Those with loose skin, or a taught beer belly, are usually not good candidates. Although fat is removed, this is not a weight-loss procedure.


The good old-fashioned nose job still tops in the top three most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for men. A well-structured nose transforms the face. The procedure can reshape and rebuild the nose for either cosmetic reasons or to relieve functional breathing obstructions (yes, people do have this issue).

If you decide to have cosmetic surgery, it is important to do your homework and get fit and healthy as possible before considering undergoing any type of elective cosmetic surgery procedures. Are you a male looking to enhance your appearance? Schedule a FREE consultation with Houston’s Dr. Piña to discuss your cosmetic surgery ideas.