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Breast Surgery: More Affordable Than You Think

Breast Surgery: More Affordable Than You Think

Unless you work in the cosmetic surgery field, you may not realize how economical breast implants or breast augmentation can be and that just about any person can afford breast augmentation surgery. Most people believe that breast surgery must be paid in full prior to the procedure. Well, the doctors at Houston’s number one cosmetic surgery center – Piña Cosmetic Surgery Center –  is here to share that that’s not the case. There are actually many methods of payment and payment plans for breast augmentation that will fit just about any budget!


The staff at Piña Cosmetic Surgery Center can work with you to find a customizable payment plan for breast enlargements that will fit your personal budget. Payment options might include:

  • Cash Payment in full – You may think this is completely ridiculous, but many women actually choose this option.
  • Financing Options- PCS takes all major credit cards. Payment plans spread your payments out over agreed upon months helping to ease the upfront costs with our financing options.
  • Credit Card Payment Plan: PCS will take all major credit cards. Most patients pay half up front, and half later, in two installments.

If you are considering breast augmentation in Houston, we believe that you should definitely make use of our financing options at our Houston surgery center by NRG Park. At Pina Cosmetic we always recommend to use our CareCredit® card, North America’s leading patient payment program! While it acts like a credit card, it sole intent is for healthcare services. The low monthly payments allows you to use it for the augmentation surgery as well as for any follow-up appointments. With all these options, getting new awesome breasts are now a viable option for just about any budget when payments are spread out over time.
With our customizable payment plans, you do not have to save up for a breast augmentation over years of time. You can do it RIGHT now! So what are you waiting for? We have told you everything you need to know and how you CAN afford it. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Edward Piña and get your dream breasts today! You don’t have to let financial guilt get in the way anymore.

For images of actual breast implant surgeries performed by Dr. Edward Piña, check out our Houston cosmetic surgery center’s gallery of before and afters.

If you live in the Houston area, schedule an appointment today at Pina Cosmetic Surgery for a consultation and we can get you started on your dream body TODAY!

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