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Should I Tell People About My Upcoming Cosmetic Surgery?

Should I Tell People About My Upcoming Cosmetic Surgery?

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Piña Cosmetic SurgeryIt’s almost time for your Houston cosmetic surgery procedure. You’ve met with Dr. Piña, you have your procedure booked, you have your financing plan set up, and you’ve taken time off work to properly recover. Now, it’s decision-making time. Do you tell your coworkers, friends, and family about your upcoming procedure, or do you wait to let them be surprised by your jaw-dropping results?

It’s probably safe to say that in most cases, cosmetic surgery patients want noticeable results. They want bigger breasts, plumper lips, a smaller nose, or a thinner midsection. In these cases, there will typically be an obvious difference in the patient’s appearance when he or she sees family members and friends for the first time in the weeks following the procedure. Some patients are worried about feeling awkward when explaining to their coworkers that they’ll be gone for a few weeks to allow healing after their breast implant surgery. If you fall into this category, you may not want to mention anything about your upcoming surgery. After all, it isn’t anyone else’s business, and only you can decide if you’d like to share that information. Or, on the other hand, some people might feel awkward about the prospect of returning to work with an entirely different look. If you’d rather skip the awkwardness of dodging people’s questions and comments when you return, you can find a way to let those around you know about your plan.

When it all comes down to it, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to tell people about your upcoming surgery. Choose to keep people in the loop or keep it under wraps; either way, the choice is yours. However, is recommended to keep at least one person (your spouse, a roommate, a friend, or a family member) in the loop regarding your recovery needs and what to expect before and after surgery to assist you in anyway you might need.

And as for those whose coworker or acquaintance recently returned after a leave of absence sporting a brand new look, it’s proper etiquette to wait until they mention the surgery themselves before broaching the subject. Tell them how wonderful they look, but don’t ask about cosmetic surgery unless they bring it up first.

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