Caring for your Houston Breast Implants After Surgery

breastTaking care of your health is essential, especially after your Houston breast implants procedure. Your physician will typically provide you with a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts after your breast implant surgery. These guidelines can help to speed the healing process and to ensure the most beautiful results. Here are some general breast enhancement recovery guidelines that can help you prepare for the recovery period more effectively.

Expect Some Downtime

Most surgeons recommend taking anywhere from three days to a week off from your regular activities after your breast enhancement surgery. This can allow your body extra time to heal and can ensure that your chest muscles relax more quickly. By setting aside some extra time for relaxing after your Houston cosmetic surgery, you can actually speed your recovery and ensure the most beautiful results from these advanced medical procedures.

Pamper Yourself

During this enforced downtime, finding ways to pamper yourself can pay off in newfound confidence in your appearance. Scheduling a Houston skin rejuvenation treatment can help restore a youthful glow to your face while allowing you to relax and take it easy after your breast augmentation procedure. By taking a little time out for luxury, you can further enhance your appearance during the days after your surgery.

Tape Your Incisions

The tape provided by your surgeon for your incisions can promote faster healing. In some cases, these applications may also reduce visible scarring, leaving you with healthier and more beautiful skin.

Massage Therapy

Your Houston cosmetic surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions for your aftercare regimen. These guidelines will generally include directions on how to massage your breasts to ensure proper seating of your implants and to reduce the amount of scar tissue that may form after your surgery. Regular massage during the weeks after your surgery can also reduce the risk of capsular contracture, a condition caused by pressure from scar tissue against implants. Massaging the affected areas every 30 minutes during waking hours is recommended for the first six weeks; after that, your doctor may reduce the number of massage sessions to twice daily.

Bra or No Bra

Depending on the specific instructions provided to you by your surgeon, you may be asked to wear a soft, supportive bra or no bra at all during the first six weeks after your breast implant surgery. This can allow your implants to find their natural position on your chest and can ensure the most natural and beautiful results. After the initial recovery period is over, your newly enhanced breasts may require added support to protect your investment in your personal appearance. This is especially important when engaging in strenuous physical activities like jogging or gym workouts. Investing in a sports bra that provides comfortable support can protect your breasts against impacts during these healthy activities. Avoid underwire bras for at least three to six months after your surgery, however, as the metal or plastic wires used in these garments can cause discomfort and may irritate healing tissues.

Schedule Regular Check-Ups

Even if your implants look great and feel fine, it is important to keep all scheduled appointments with your cosmetic surgeon. If a problem does arise, your surgeon can provide you with the options you need to correct the issue promptly and effectively. These regular visits can allow you to stay healthier and to enjoy your newly enhanced figure for a longer period of time.

Your Houston breast implants can make a real difference in your appearance and your self-confidence during everyday activities. By following the aftercare directions given by your surgeon and taking common-sense precautions at home, you can enjoy the benefits of your breast enhancements in good health for many years into the future.