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Ten Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Breast Implants

Ten Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Breast Implants

tummy-tuckBreast augmentation should not be taken lightly. Candidates for the procedure should ask their Houston breast implants specialist several questions to make sure breast implants are right for them. Some of these questions deal with the general nature of the augmentation, and others deal with the recovery from the operation.

1. Do implants feel like natural breasts?
Yes, but it depends on the type of implant, how much natural breast tissue you had before the surgery and whether the implant is placed above or below the muscle.
2. Does breast augmentation cause stretch marks?
That depends on the extent of the surgery, and how much augmentation is required. Some people do not get any stretch marks, and others are more likely to develop them.

3. Is breast augmentation painful?
Breast augmentation pain depends on the implant placement and where the incision is made. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication for you. You will experience more pain if you do not follow your Houston medspa surgeon’s instructions or if you overexert yourself while you recover.

4. How long can I expect my implants to last?
Houston cosmetic surgery breast implants have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

5. Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation?
Ideal breast augmentation candidates are women whose breasts never developed proportionately. They are limited in the clothing they can buy, and they would like more self-confidence. Women who lost breast volume after nursing and would like to restore what was lost and fill up an “empty breast” are fine candidates. Women with misshapen breasts get breast augmentation. Women who want extremely large breasts are not very common and you should be doing it for yourself, not for a boyfriend or a husband. Patients should preferably be non-smokers, not have any active infections and should have underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma or heart disease, under control.

6. When can I begin exercising after the augmentation?
Most surgeons recommend that you wait at least two weeks before exercising.

7. What are the risks associated with breast augmentation?
Breast enhancement is a very safe procedure, but, as with any surgery, there are some risks involved, such as bruising, implant rupture and the possibility of scarring.

8. Can implants correct sagging breasts?
Implants will help sagging breasts by filling some of the slack in the loosened skin to increase the volume. For more severe cases of sagging breasts, a breast lift might be a better option. Ask your cosmetic surgeon what would be the best procedure for you.

9. What factors should I consider when deciding if I should get breast implants?
You must weigh the risks and the benefits. All candidates for breast augmentation will perceive the risks and benefits differently. Breast enhancement patients studied after surgery said that they had higher self-esteem and confidence. They enjoyed their appearance more when dressed or undressed. However, it is important to keep in mind that a revision may be necessary. An infection can occur after surgery. Scar tissue might form around your implants. Implants can break or slip out of position. There could be additional costs in the future. Mammograms may be more difficult to perform. Despite these trade-offs, women are usually so pleased with their implants that they rarely have them removed.

10. Do you recommend saline, regular silicone or cohesive silicone “gummy bear” implants?
Few patients request saline implants these days. The only reasons for saline implants are that they are less expensive and can be introduced through the smallest incisions. Some patients are skeptical of silicone implants regardless of all the evidence proving that silicone is safe. Regular silicone implants are the only kind approved by the FDA, and they are the softest. The “gummy bear” implants are shaped like a teardrop. They are made from a firmer gel, which gives a better shape and lasts longer.