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What Our Facial Features Say About Us: Part Two

What Our Facial Features Say About Us: Part Two

faceWith the holiday season in full swing, many people go to great lengths during this time of year to make sure they are giving the right impression to their family and friends.   However, the impression our face makes on someone is far more than simply skin deep, as we began discussing last week.

One Article Started It All

Our discussion on the correlation between the shape of our facial features and different aspects of our personality was fueled by an article from Cosmopolitan Magazine titled “What Your Facial Features Are Saying.” In this article, an expert in face reading, Jean Haner, gave her professional opinion as to what the shapes of different facial features indicate about us.  Facial areas highlighted were the forehead, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and lips, chin, jaw, and cheeks.  In part one of this two part series, we examined what our forehead, eyes, and eyebrows are believed to say about us. Today, we will take a deeper look at what our nose, mouth and lips, chin, jaw, and cheeks tell others about ourselves.

What the Shape of Our Nose and Chin Shows Others About Us

Always thought a big nose was a drawback?  Think again.  Those with such noses are said to care greatly about the quality of their work and are more likely to notice details that others miss.  A prominent nose is also a sign that you are picky, sensitive to little things, and are a perfectionist at heart that wants everything properly planned out. Conversely, a small nose is an indication of a person whose motto is “work smarter, not harder.” People with small noses do not sweat the small stuff like those with large noses do.

As for chins, they are a sign of your level of will power.  Have a strong chin?  You are likely stubborn, but have the fortitude to successfully get through tough times.  Have a weak chin? You have a greater chance of lacking self-confidence and will power, which leads to a greater struggle for you as times get tough.

The Mouth and Lips Are a Great Relationship Indicator 

The size of your mouth and lips shows how you will act in relationships you have throughout your life.  A larger mouth or fuller lips indicate that friendships and relationships mean a lot to you.  They also represent a very nurturing individual; someone that wants to be a parent.  On the other hand, a small mouth or thin lips is a sign of someone that is not attached to others at the tip, valuing space and privacy.

Your Cheeks and Jaw Are a Sign of Leadership and Independence

Want to know whether an employee is cut out to lead a team?  Just look at their cheeks and jaw.  Strong, round cheeks are representative of those who are not afraid to speak their mind and enjoy giving orders.  Individuals with these cheeks are also likely have a strong jaw, which shows a high level of drive.  Conversely, people with a narrow jaw are cut out to be followers, not leaders.  They are flexible and are willing to listen to others.

A type of person that may cause friction in the office: one that has flat cheeks.  They not only hate giving orders, but following them as well.

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