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Love and Breast Implants

Love and Breast Implants

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsValentine’s Day is this week, and that means love is in the air.  However, that does not mean everyone demonstrates how much they love their significant other in the same way. To some, a perfect Valentine’s Day is just spending a romantic evening together, either at home or out on the town.  To others, the perfect Valentine’s Day includes lavishing him or her with gifts that let them know how much you care.

Valentine’s Day gifts tend to include either flowers, candy, or both. Sometimes, though, other gifts might be exchanged. On this day, it is not uncommon to see exquisite jewelry given as a symbol of love.  However, in Florida, an entirely new Valentine’s Day gift idea is taking hold: giving the woman in your life a new set of breasts.

Recently, more than 25 women in the Tampa area attended an event where a local cosmetic surgeon discussed the benefits of breast implants. Somehow, we cannot say this revelation surprises us.   Our society is very image conscious, and to a lot of people love equals looks. In their eyes, if their wife or girlfriend looks better, they will love her more.  We must admit, we have our concerns.

The truth is, this could be a great cosmetic surgery trend, or one that leaves surgeons across the country scratching their heads.  It all depends on the couple’s motivation for going under the knife.  If a couple first engages in a serious discussion about why they want to enhance their bodies cosmetically, then this is wonderful.  Such a conversation demonstrates that they are doing this to make each other happy. That said, it is completely different if such a conversation never takes place.  To us, that is a sign that the couple’s love is only skin deep, and, ultimately, no amount of cosmetic surgery will make them happy in the long run.