Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsFor years, one of the biggest complaints we have heard from our cosmetic surgery patients is that the procedures cost too much.   Their attitude is: we love surgically enhancing our bodies, but not what we have to pay to do so.  Many surgical options cost thousands of dollars, and in their minds, that is a steep price to pay.  If a world existed where they could get discounted prices on breast implants, face lifts, liposuction, and other cosmetic procedures, they would undergo more cosmetic surgery than they already do.

Based on this sentiment, many of our patients would love the views towards surgical enhancement in Brazil.  Since 1997, over 200 clinics have been providing free plastic surgery.   The logic behind the idea is offering free or discounted surgery improves the quality of life for those in the country, replacing the role of a psychiatrist.   We definitely understand the reasoning behind this mindset, but in the business-minded United States, good luck getting some people to stop trying to make an extra buck.   It is just not the way many Americans think.   Making the most money we can is firmly ingrained in our culture from an early age.

That said, while we wouldn’t expect this concept to catch on in the United States anytime soon, we respect and admire the generosity shown by these surgeons in Brazil.   The ultimate goal of any cosmetic surgeon should be to make the quality of life for his or her patient better. That is why we go into practice, after all.  By offering free or discounted procedures, Brazilian plastic surgeons are succeeding at doing just that.  Many cosmetic surgeons in the United States would be wise to follow the lead of their Brazilian counterparts.

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