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Expected Skin Rejuvenation Trends in 2013

Expected Skin Rejuvenation Trends in 2013

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsSkin rejuvenation has always been popular.  However, with the rise of the med spa and advances in modern technology, every year, more options are developed that will help anyone give their skin that healthy glow.  This year will be no exception.   Earlier this month, the International Association For Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine(IAPAM), released their “Top Aesthetic Medicine Trends for 2013.”

While not all of these trends pertain to a med spa, some of them do.   One such trend is the use of stem cells in skin rejuvenation.  This type of treatment has been used in different areas of medicine for over 20 years.   But, it has been slow to catch on among skin rejuvenation specialists.  Aestheticians are just now starting to realize it can help treat skin conditions such as fine lines and crow’s feet.   As more research is completed, using Platelet Rich Plasma therapy and stem cells is going to become more commonplace in skin rejuvenation treatments.

Also, expect an increase in the number of “blemish-balm” or “blemish-base” creams prescribed by aestheticians. These creams do it all, which explains their sudden popularity. Not only do they treat and cover sun spots and age spots, but they also are effective at moisturizing and blocking the sun.   With their “all-in-one” capabilities, we would not count on this being a short lived trend.

Along the same lines, more people will opt for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures instead of undergoing invasive cosmetic surgery.   This is just a continuation of a trend that started within the last decade.   Patients are more concerned about the price of cosmetic surgery than ever before, and fillers give them a way to enhance their look in a cost-effective manner.  This explains why Botox is the leading cosmetic procedure performed annually, by a wide margin.   Another reason for the increase in popularity of fillers and injectables is they now do more than just fill lines; they also add volume to the area of the body where they are administered.

Finally, plan on more uses for Botox being developed.   No longer will it just serve as a common method of rejuvenating your skin, it will also help with a wide variety of medical ailments.  In fact, earlier this month, the FDA approved the use of Botox to treat overactive bladders.  Currently, scientists are testing to see whether Botox can relax muscles in cerebral palsy patients, cure hay fever, reduce constant neck and shoulder pain, and even aid individuals suffering from depression.