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Face Lifts vs Facial Injections

Face Lifts vs Facial Injections

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsWhen it comes to cosmetic surgery, there is no shortage of procedures that will make anyone look and feel their best.   Want to enhance your breasts?  Implants are a great option for you.    Does the shape and contour of your nose bother you? A rhinoplasty is just what the doctor ordered.  Perhaps you want to remove unwanted fat from your midsection?  Liposuction is right up your alley.   While all of these procedures are wonderful ways to improve the way you look, do not forget that the face is one of the first things someone notices about you.  That is why removing wrinkles, creases, and sagging from the face will never go out of style.   With that said, there are multiple options available to someone looking to rejuvenate their face.  One is a facelift.  The others are facial injections and fillers such as Botox.   In this article, we will compare the two.

In the case of facelifts versus facial injections and fillers, while both remove wrinkles, facial injections and fillers start to wear off after a few months, and you either get more injections or learn to cope with having wrinkles on your face. Conversely, with a facelift, wrinkles are gone for years. In fact, a recent study showed that facelifts on average last about five years.   (Just think about all the time and gas you will save not having to visit an aesthetician three to four times a year.)

Now, when it comes to cost, it is fair to say that minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatments come out ahead.  A facelift will run someone thousands of dollars, whereas a Botox treatment costs a few hundred dollars, that should not come as a big surprise. Even if you visit a med spa three-to-four times a year for Botox injections, the cost is significantly less than a one-time facelift surgery.

So, now the question becomes, which option is right for you?  Ultimately, that is for you and only you to decide. However, in our professional opinion, there is a lot to be said for only needing one treatment in five years, rather than 10-to-20 such treatments.   No matter whether you are undergoing cosmetic surgery or getting facial injections, the procedure takes a toll on your body and there are risks involved.  Generally speaking, we adhere to the principle less is often more when it comes to cosmetic procedures.  By having fewer treatments performed, not only do you minimize the stress placed on your facial muscles, but you reduce the odds of complications occurring.