Study Proves Breast Implants Make People Happy

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsSometimes we come across cosmetic surgery news and trends that one might define as interesting, unique, or possibly even shocking.  This is not one of those times.  In fact, you might even say the opposite is true.  A recent study published by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that women getting breast implants had a significantly improved quality of life.   According to the results of the study, not only does getting breast implants drastically improve the way a woman feels about her breasts, but her psychosocial and sexual well-being is enhanced as well.

When we first saw the results of the study, a couple of thoughts immediately popped into our head.  One was “It’s nice to get documented scientific verification of what a cosmetic surgeon already knows.”  The other was, “We wasted valuable time and money implementing a scientific study to prove this was true?”