Medical Tourism and Cosmetic Surgery

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsLook, we realize that some people in Houston opt to not get face lifts or other forms of cosmetic surgery because they feel it is too expensive. We even understand how that could motivate someone to head to a different country to go under the knife.   However, we cannot lie:  the rise in medical tourism across the world concerns us greatly, as we believe this will lead to more insistences of cosmetic surgery done improperly.

First of all, as we have stressed numerous times in this very blog, doing extensive research prior to choosing a cosmetic surgeon is incredibly important.  Medical tourism compromises that ideal because different countries have different rules and regulations regarding cosmetic surgery. That makes it difficult for anyone to truly find a qualified surgeon if you chose to have cosmetic surgery performed in a different country.

Furthermore, if you think about it, is medical tourism really that much cheaper?   You will have to purchase roundtrip airfare and book a hotel for multiple days as you recover from the procedure.  Those expenses are not cheap.   In fact, depending on where you go, that could cost you thousands of dollars.