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Why Do Breast Implants Rupture?

Why Do Breast Implants Rupture?

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsAs popular as breast implants are, it is important to remember they are not the same thing as a real breast, and therefore sometimes they rupture over time.   That said, before we discuss common reasons this happens, it is important to understand why it happens.   Breast implants fail when there is a leak in the shell or one of the valves is damaged or unsealed.    Now, let’s discuss reasons those circumstances may occur.

One reason someone in Houston may have breast implants rupture is that the implant could have been damaged prior to it ever getting in your body.   Now, that should never happen.  But unfortunately, some cosmetic surgeons don’t pay as much attention to detail as they should.

Another reason implants rupture is that something goes wrong during surgery. That could be over or under filing from your surgeon, or more commonly, a complication from surgery known as capsular contracture occurs. Capsular contracture is when a capsule of scar tissue surrounds the breast implant to the point the implant is deformed.

Finally, other reasons breast implants rupture include any sort of severe trauma to the implant, pressure applied to the implant during a mammogram, or damage caused by any other procedures to the breast region.    Basically, the best way to prevent having your implants rupture is to avoid activities that put stress on the implant.