Men and Breast Implants

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsUsually, when someone in Houston comes to us for breast implants, they are a woman.   However, getting breast implants isn’t just for women.  Believe it or not, there are men out there who have undergone breast augmentation surgery as well. Also, while you might think only men that want to be more like women go under the knife for breast implants, it’s not true.   There are some straight guys out there that want larger or more sensitive breasts and see breast enlargement as a good solution.

In fact, one Pennsylvania man was arrested yesterday for flashing his breast implants at a local Walmart.   Now, the truth is, if it was a woman that had been arrested for flashing customers with their breast implants, it wouldn’t have been a story worth writing about, nor that shocking in the grand scheme of things.   But since it was a man that was arrested, the story caught our attention, for better or for worse. That said, just like any other form of cosmetic surgery, it isn’t appropriate for anyone to judge a man’s decision to get bigger breasts.  They have just as much right to get breast implants as women do, even if it isn’t as common.