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The Power of Botox

The Power of Botox

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsFor years, Botox has been the number one skin rejuvenation treatment in the world. Therefore, it’s no surprise that in Houston, many people go to a med spa on a regular basis to get these very injections because they want a younger looking face without lines or wrinkles.  However, that is far from the only use of Botox.  Did you know that scientists are discovering new uses for Botox all the time, in a wide variety of medical settings?

For example, in the past few weeks we have read articles about Botox injections having a positive effect on overactive bladders, constant neck and shoulder pain, and scientists are even experimenting on using it to try and cure hay fever. Today, we ran across another interesting use of Botox: to relax muscles in cerebral palsy patients.

When Botox was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a way to treat eye muscle spasms in 1990, nobody, not even ourselves, could have foreseen its potential to help treat so many different medical conditions. But look at it now.  It’s not only the most popular skin rejuvenation treatment in the world, but one of the most versatile as well.

That said, would you actually consider getting Botox injections for anything other than wrinkles or lines you wish to remove?