The Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsNow, it’s true that most people in Houston are looking for breast implants when they want to change the size of their breasts.   This is Texas after all, where in general, the idea that bigger is better rules the day.   However, for some people, bigger isn’t always better, and in those cases, we recommend breast reduction surgery.

While there are many good reasons to have breast reduction surgery, we especially recommend the procedure because breasts that are too large have the ability to cause shoulder, lower back, and neck pain.  That said, if you are suffering from sores due to excessive skin rubbing or having difficulty finding well-fitting bras you also should consider the surgery.   Also, think about all the added clothing options if you choose to undergo the procedure.

By reducing the size of the breasts, you will see a large decrease in the amount of pain felt, especially in the lower back.   For example, a recent study indicates that lower back compressive forces are reduced 35% after undergoing breast reduction surgery.    Furthermore, if you were suffering from indentation marks on your shoulders courtesy of bra straps, the surgery possibly could eliminate them.   Finally, by lowering the size of the breasts, they actually get lifted.  This ends up slimming and elongating your body.   Who doesn’t want that?

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