Someone Needs to Get Their Priorities Straight

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsWhen you have spent years in Houston making people beautiful through cosmetic surgery, you get somewhat used to seeing people do really crazy things in the name of beauty.    However, for someone to sue their wife because after having what they deem an “ugly” child, he found out that she had hid the fact she underwent plastic surgery prior to their marriage takes the cake if you ask us.

Look, we think anyone in Houston should be upfront about having plastic surgery with their spouse, as it’s an important life decision.  That said, for this husband to fly off the handle because his child didn’t look like the “gorgeous” (his term not ours) wife he married, is ridiculous.   If you are thinking you should have a child because it will look like your attractive wife, you probably aren’t ready to be a parent.   Also, regardless of whether you think it was right for his wife to hide her plastic surgery from him, the fact remains it’s her choice to tell him about it, and nobody else’s.

But you want to know the most ridiculous thing about this story?   The husband actually won his case.   What kind of message is that sending?  It’s ok to sue over the way your child looks if your spouse hides personal information from you?

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