“Interesting” Form of Skin Rejuvenation

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsNormally when people in Houston go to a med spa, they want to rejuvenate their skin through treatments such as facials, botox injections, or microdermabrasion.   They definitely don’t go there to get their face slapped.  But yet, in San Francisco, a new massage parlor, is offering face slapping treatments for a whopping $350.

Now, some people might think this is just another example of how different and unique San Francisco is compared to most cities.  However, we would rather look at the pros and cons of this treatment.    Honestly, it’s hard to find any positive aspects of face slapping.   When you are paying almost $400 to be hit in the face, that doesn’t sound like an enjoyable experience to us.   People come to a med spa to relax and have a peaceful experience, and it’s hard to see how getting slapped in the face fits that description.   Conversely, the cons are obvious.   For one thing, you are letting someone slap you in the face.  For another, you are paying $350 to do so.   It seems to us that you could have someone else slap you in the face for much cheaper, or you could even do it yourself for free.

All things considered, we don’t think many people in Houston will want this form of skin rejuvenation anytime soon. But stranger things have happened, so who knows.

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