What a Sweet Cosmetic Surgery Story

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsWhen someone in Houston comes to us for a face lift, breast implants, or a tummy tuck, it makes us feel good that we have made such a positive impact in their life and how they view themselves as a person.  That said, we can only imagine the joy we would feel if a mother and her daughter chose to bond by having Dr. Ed Piña, our cosmetic surgeon, enhance their natural beauty and self esteem through surgical means.   One plastic surgeon had that very opportunity, and we must admit that we are jealous of him.

According to the article from ABCNews, the mother opted to remove the sagging on her neck, while the daughter wanted to fix her chest and slim down her waist as well. The plastic surgeon fixed the mother’s sagging neck through a neck tuck and cheek fillers, whereas her daughter received a breast lift to fix her chest and a tummy tuck to slim down her waist.   Honestly, to us, the procedures they got are immaterial.  What really matters is that they chose cosmetic surgery as a way to grow closer together.

And you know what the best part of the story is? Both mother and daughter are doing well, and love the outcome of their plastic surgery bonding experience.    Now that’s what any plastic surgeon wants to hear!

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