Some People are Addicted to Cosmetic Surgery

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsLast week, we wrote about a woman that underwent 51 cosmetic surgery procedures to look like a spitting image of an ancient Egyptian queen.  Somehow, we just found a story that even tops that.  Apparently, one New York City male has undergone 90 cosmetic surgery operations in the past decade.   We aren’t sure exactly what to think about this revelation.  Should we be happy that someone loves our industry this much?  Or should we be concerned for his health after that many surgeries?  Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

Don’t get us wrong, we encourage anyone in Houston to undergo cosmetic surgery if they need a long term emotional boost and it will permanently boost their spirits. It’s also helpful to someone that has suffered serious injuries, burns, and scars from an accident of some kind. But, even we would have a hard time recommending going under the knife that many times to anyone.   Think about it: 90 surgeries in a decade is 9 per year.  That’s at least one surgery every two months. Dr. Ed Piña, our renowned cosmetic surgeon,  is great and all, but even he would say that at that rate you aren’t giving your body enough time to properly heal and recover from the previous surgery.

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