Plastic Surgery Can Make a Difference

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsFor a person in Houston, plastic surgery has many different uses.  It can be used to enhance natural beauty. It can also be used as a means of boosting one’s self esteem.  It can even be used as a reconstructive procedure after sustaining serious injuries in an accident.  However, here’s another use of plastic surgery that rarely gets the attention it deserves:  healing the wounds of domestic violence victims.

Today, when we saw this story about a surgeon in Las Vegas making a difference in the life of battered women through plastic surgery, it brought a tear to our eye. Here’s a plastic surgeon breaking the negative stereotypes many people have about plastic surgery, and even better, he gets recognized for it in the form of a news article.  This is the kind of recognition and spotlight we want brought on our industry. Too often, all you see are articles highlighting plastic surgery gone wrong, or which celebrity had a face lift or breast implants(or any other form of plastic surgery).  Now, we realize those things need to be reported, and it’s always good to see people undergoing plastic surgery.  However, it’s definitely a refreshing change to see plastic surgery portrayed this way.

In fact, this surgeon got us thinking how we could partner with a domestic violence organization in Houston to offer reconstructive cosmetic surgery to local victims of domestic violence.

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