Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsNobody loves cosmetic surgery more than us.  In our opinion, nothing compares to the joy we feel when one of our Houston clients says they love their breast implants. Furthermore,  we can read and talk about cosmetic surgery for hours. Sometimes, we even find ourselves looking to see if any actors or actresses have had any work done as we watch our favorite TV shows.   However, even we have a limit where enough is enough, and 51 surgeries definitely exceeds it.

First of all, no matter how good the surgeon is, there are inherent risks present every time you have surgery. Having surgery 51 times is a good way for complications to occur, and the intended result not be achieved.

Secondly, after that many surgeries, you aren’t even the same person. Now, we realize that was precisely the goal of the woman that underwent the 51 surgeries.  However, don’t you think you should have some pride in the body you had before?  For example, we specialize in offering the best mommy makeovers in Houston, but we tell any mother that visits our Houston office that cosmetic surgery should enhance the existing you, not transform you into somebody else.

Finally, the woman that underwent all these surgeries is a mother of three children.   Do her kids even recognize her at this point?

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