This Sends the Wrong Message to Women Wanting Breast Implants

Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsWe love our job.  It’s awesome to wake up every day and help make women in Houston more beautiful through breast implants.  However, when celebrities like Big Ang, a VH1 reality TV star, start talking about how they had to get breast implants, rather than doing it because they wanted to do so, it sends the wrong message.   Instead, we would prefer they just focus on how happy their improved figure makes them feel.

The truth is, nobody should get breast implants because they feel forced to do so.   This is a life changing procedure, and you must be happy looking at yourself in the mirror long after having it done.   It’s not like buying clothes, video games, or jewelry, all of which you can easily exchange  if they aren’t to your liking.

Also, we understand that one of the benefits of this cosmetic surgery procedure is a significant boost in one’s self esteem. However, you aren’t going achieve that gain in confidence if you are getting breast implants for any other reason other than to please yourself.  More than likely, as time passes you will regret the decision, and then begin questioning why you had it done in the first place.

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