Houston Cosmetic Surgery | Facial ProductsNumerous women in Houston get breast implants every year.  Many others consider it as well, but one thing that holds them back is they can’t wrap their mind around what the finished product will look like.   However, thanks to the advent of modern technology, that may not be an issue sooner than you think.

The day is coming where all cosmetic surgeons use 3D imaging technology in every breast augmentation procedure.   And, to be quite frank, we can see this technology revolutionizing our profession by expanding its reach to other cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.   Imagine going in for your consultation with Dr. Ed Piña, our renowned cosmetic surgeon, and being able to see a crisp, clear picture of exactly what different sized implants would look like on your body.   We’re just guessing here, but odds are it would help put you at ease, and make you more comfortable with going through with the procedure.

Furthermore, this technology also comes in handy for your surgeon before the breast augmentation procedure. Since it also provides the exact volume of each breast, that helps your surgeon determine if you need the same size of an implant on each side, or two different sizes altogether.

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