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Another Breast Reconstruction Method

Another Breast Reconstruction Method

Houston skin rejuvenation | Ingredients For a FacialIn our last blog post, we discussed the flap technique for breast reconstruction in great detail.  However, that’s not the only breast reconstruction technique used by cosmetic surgeons around the world.  Another option for anyone in Houston that wants breast implants through breast reconstruction is tissue expansion.  Today, we will discuss that method in more detail.

First, it’s important to know the expander is actually a silicone balloon inserted in a pocket beneath the skin where the implant will eventually be placed.

Secondly, of all the methods a surgeon can use to reconstruct your breasts, this by far takes the longest amount of time.   To achieve the desired results from breast reconstruction through tissue expansion, you will have to go see your cosmetic surgeon multiple times in the span of four-to-six months.

This is because after your surgeon places the silicone balloon expander, he or she must slowly fill it using an internal valve.   That is how your skin will expand enough to make room for the implant. After your skin has stretched enough to make room for breast implants, the surgeon has two options:

They can use the expander to serve as your new implant, or they can remove it and insert your implant where it resided.