What To Expect at a Consultation For Breast Implants

In Houston, breast implants are a popular way to enhance appearance. However, before you undergo surgery for breast implants, it’s important to meet with a surgeon to discuss any potential health risks as well as ask any questions you might have. That’s why before Dr. Piña administers cosmetic surgery, he offers every client a free consultation. We thought it would be helpful to give you an idea of what to expect at such a meeting.

When you walk into our Houston office to discuss getting breast implants with Dr. Piña, he will ask you to explain your reasons for the surgery, your expectations, and what you want your breast implants to look like. Then, he will ask about any preexisting medical conditions, treatments, and drug allergies you might have.  After that, you will need to mention any current medications and drugs you are taking, along with any use of alcohol and tobacco. Finally, he will want to know of any previous cosmetic surgery procedures done, as well as your family history of breast cancer.

After all the questions are finished, he will examine your breasts and take precise measurements of them.  He also will photograph them for your medical records.   Once all that is complete, he will inform you of any health risks the procedure may cause. Finally, he will present you with the best options to achieve your goal and will tell you if he feels it’s in your best interest to get the procedure.

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