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Good Candidates for Breast Implants

Good Candidates for Breast Implants

It’s a Friday night, and you are out on the town, having the time of your life.  But, even though you are enjoying your evening, a feeling of a jealousy overcomes you as you see other women with fuller chests than yourself.

You start thinking to yourself, how can I look like them? Then, it dawns on you: shop around Houston for breast implants!   So, you call Dr. Ed Piña’s office and schedule a free consultation with him. You are very excited.

Now, it’s the day of the consultation, and you are like a kid ready to open presents on Christmas morning, just bubbling with anticipation and excitement. You walk into the consultation ready to start the process of sculpting the new you, when the hammer is dropped:  You would be at risk for serious health problems if you get breast implants and he won’t recommend the procedure. Immediately, thoughts start racing in your head: “This can’t be happening.  Why me?”

You ask, Why won’t you recommend me for this procedure?” Dr. Piña responds, you smoke, don’t you?  You respond, “Yes, I do.  What does that have to do with getting breast implants? He tells you in order to recommend anyone in Houston for plastic surgery, they must be a non smoker, and in good health. You shrug your head, and leave the office.

Unlike others in Houston, cosmetic surgery will never be an option for you. That makes you sad. Guess what? It makes us sad as well.