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Couples and Houston Cosmetic Surgery

Couples and Houston Cosmetic Surgery

As a licensed and respected Houston plastic surgery provider, we understand all the benefits a cosmetic procedure can provide, such as improved health and self-esteem.   We even understand that there has been a significant rise in the number of males getting plastic surgery in the past few years.  However, we were happy, and, yet surprised, to read that one Michigan couple chose to get cosmetic surgery done together.

What this Houston cosmetic surgery provider loved reading more than anything was the husband’s attitude towards cosmetic surgery.   It was quite refreshing to see quotes like this from a man(courtesy of

“Well, Heather has had four children, we have had four children together and you know it takes quite a toll on our bodies,” he added. “So if anybody deserves to get a tummy tuck, I think she deserves to get one done.”

“Well, if you’ve seen me when we first met and I think that is the image she has of me in her head, I was about 135 pounds and was all muscle and now I am about 185 pounds and there is not as much muscle,” he said.

Ladies, has your man been this supportive when you have undergone or considered undergoing cosmetic surgery in the past?   Guys, do you think you would be as supportive as this husband when discussing plastic surgery options with your girlfriend or wife?