Today, we read an article about how there has been a recent rash of stories involving people willing to do anything to afford plastic surgery.     That got us thinking. What is most desperate thing you have ever done to obtain a Houston plastic surgery procedure?   Beg for money from a complete stranger?   Borrow money from relatives? Perhaps you have done anything worse than that?

Look, we love administering Houston cosmetic surgery as much as you love getting it done.   We also understand the joyous feeling that a new and improved body provides. But, that doesn’t mean you should get a cosmetic surgery procedure by any means necessary.

Trust us, it’s not worth getting a beautiful new body courtesy of Dr. Ed Piña, cosmetic surgeon, if it means compromising your integrity, putting yourself in debt, or even going to jail.   Some things are much more important than getting a Houston face lift and those qualify.

The next time you feel the urge to get plastic surgery by any means necessary, take a deep breath, and find someone to be your sounding board.    While we want as many people to enjoy the benefits of Dr. Piña’s cosmetic surgery prowess, we don’t want you negatively affecting your personal life to do so.

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