In the realm of Houston plastic surgery, our clients tend to be adults that are looking to enhance the way they look and feel about themselves.   But with the rise of cyber bullying in junior high’s and high school’s across the country over the last few years, could there be a rise in children undergoing Houston cosmetic surgery procedures?

For example, recently, one Georgia teenager received free plastic surgery courtesy of the Little Baby Face Foundation.   The teen in question, Nadia Ilse, apparently begged her mother to let her undergo a otoplasty, a cosmetic surgery procedure to pin one’s ears back, at age 10.   Even this licensed provider of Houston breast implants thinks that is far too young to cosmetically alter your appearance.  Parents, do you agree?

Now, 14, Ilse, not only got the otoplasty she requested four years ago, but she also received reduction rhinoplasty and mentoplasty (altering of the chin).    This got our staff led by Dr. Ed Piña, cosmetic surgeon, thinking.   How old would your son or daughter need to be for you to allow them to change their appearance through cosmetic surgery procedures such as a Houston face lift? Would you take them to a Houston medspa to undergo Houston skin rejuvenation because of self-esteem issues caused by bullying?

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