Sometimes, in any profession, you read things that just, well, leave you speechless. Today, that was the case for this Houston cosmetic surgery provider.

In India, it is becoming common for people to get Botox, 45-minute rhinoplasties, face lifts, and other treatments during their lunch break.    As a leader in Houston skin rejuvenation and face lifts, we are conflicted on how to feel about this development, if it were to ever become popular in Houston.  On one hand, we would appreciate the added business from lunch-time procedures.   However, we can not help but feel that these procedures are being unnecessarily rushed, and that is bad practice for any cosmetic surgeon.

Cosmetic surgery is a delicate and intricate procedure and is not something you should do in a time crunch.    This is your body we are talking about, and you have to be happy walking around in public after making any cosmetic changes to it.

This Houston plastic surgery provider strongly believes you can’t rush beauty, and that is exactly what “drive-thru” cosmetic surgery does.   In our opinion, there are already enough risks involved with any plastic surgery procedure, so why add another one by rushing the procedure due to time constraints?

If you desire a cosmetic procedure to enhance the way you look and feel about yourself, Dr. Ed Piña, cosmetic surgeon, and our staff would love to help you achieve those goals.   We just don’t prefer to do it under a race against the clock.

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