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Are discounts the wave of the future in Houston Plastic Surgery?

Are discounts the wave of the future in Houston Plastic Surgery?

Payless Shoe Stores is known for their BOGO promotions.   Macy’s has the Red Apple Sale.   Fast food giants like Subway offer customers buy one-get-one free coupons on food of equal or lesser value on a regular basis.

Could basic retail marketing strategies be prevalent in the world of plastic surgery and medical spa treatments in the near future?  According to an article in the Daily Mail, it is not as farfetched as you might think.

The article indicates that certain plastic surgeons in the United Kingdom are offering discounts on their procedures in order to attract new customers.   For example, if you visit the UK-based Harley Medical Group’s website, you will see an offer for up to 20% off Laser Hair Removal, and another offer for up to 20% off Non Surgical Treatments.

As a licensed Houston cosmetic surgery provider, we have conflicting feelings about this trend.  For example, as a Houston medspa it would be nice to see to see more people in Houston get skin rejuvenation treatments.  However, it scares us to think that potential customers would be basing getting such a treatment on who offers them the best deal, not the aesthetician they trust the most.

At Piña Cosmetic Surgery, we believe offering discounts on surgical procedures is unethical and a potentially dangerous practice.   We believe your cosmetic surgery decision should be based on the quality of the surgeon, and how much you trust them.