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Could cosmetic surgery for your toes be the wave of the future?

Could cosmetic surgery for your toes be the wave of the future?

For people living in Houston, breast implants and face lifts are common forms of plastic surgery.  Could “toe-besity,” a form of plastic surgery where fat is removed from toes, be next?  According to this article from, it may already be more common than you think.

The article claims cosmetic surgery for toes is on the rise, which brings up a debate about the ethics of such a procedure.

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association website, surgical procedures of the foot and ankle are generally performed for relief of pain, restoration of function, and reconstruction of deformities. This “toe-besity” surgery seems to fly directly in the face of that doctrine.

Furthermore, there are many general risks involved with any surgery.   Those risks include anesthesia, infection, deformity of the appendage if the surgery isn’t done correctly, and reoccurrence.   It doesn’t help that surgeons have never received formalized training for this procedure.   Knowing all that, if such a procedure were made legal, would you ever consider undergoing plastic surgery to remove fat from your toes? Also, would you want us to offer it as one of our services?

As a leader in Houston cosmetic surgery, we feel it’s important to mention at this time we do not offer cosmetic surgery for toes.