Monthly Archives: January 2013

Expected Skin Rejuvenation Trends in 2013

Skin rejuvenation has always been popular.  However, with the rise of the med spa and advances in modern technology, every year, more options are developed that will help anyone give their skin that healthy glow.  This year will be no exception.   Earlier this month, the International Association For Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine(IAPAM), released their “Top Aesthetic Medicine Trends for…

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A Healthy Lifestyle is a Must After Cosmetic Surgery

Liposuction is a wonderful way for someone to drop unwanted pounds.   What would normally take months of dieting and exercising can be done in a matter of hours through a simple cosmetic surgery procedure.   However, liposuction is not a “miracle” cure.  It simply takes the fat off.  It does not prevent the body from putting it back on.…

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